Our Academic Program

Pixie Paradise

Mission Statement

Pixie Paradise will provide a safe, clean, early learning environment where children can explore and grow in mind and body to gain a better understanding of themselves, friends, and families in the community and beyond.


We are committed to providing each child in our care, 6 weeks to 12 years, a safe, nurturing  environment  with a well qualified staff.  Our children are exposed to a range of challenging physical, social, emotional, and intellectual experiences throughout their day.  Pixie Paradise is operated under an open door policy.  Each parent is encouraged to share their concerns, comments, and compliments with their child’s teacher or the management at any time.

Our Staff


Miss Carol: Infant /Young Toddler Teacher  CDA Infant /Toddler Credential

Miss Jessica: Infant/Young Toddler Teacher Associate Degree ECE

Miss Bridget: Toddler Teacher Associate Degree Human Dev & Family Studies

Miss Amy: Lead Teacher Pre K Counts  Bachelor Degree-Ele Ed/ECE Certification Master Degree Reading

Miss Jeanette: Pre K Counts Assistant Teacher CDA Early Childhood

Miss Katie: Toddler Teacher Bachelor Degree  ECE/Elementary Education


Miss Amanda: Preschool Teacher Bachelor Degree Elementary Education

Miss Jackie: Preschool Teacher  Associate Degree ECE

Miss Krista: Associate Degree ECE

Typical Day

A student’s typical day includes group learning, individual and group free play, gross motor activities, and meals.

Although the schedule of each classroom differs, students generally follow similar routines regardless of age.

Arrival to 8am

Free Play



830 – 900

Free Play

900 -1000

Circle Time/Group Activities/Art /Music

1030 -1130

Outdoor Play/Walk/Large Muscle

1130– 1200


1200 – 2pm




230pm – departure

Center Time